At Orange Dale School, We sincerely believe in the uniqueness of each and every child. Since its inception, we have been working diligently to bring out that uniqueness in best possible way.

We are familiar with the importance of kindergarten education in the child’s life. It is the first step towards shaping their colorful and creative minds. We understand this very well & therefore at Orange Dale we strive to provide each child with the best environment for their mental, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

Our school has been working effectively keeping in mind that in addition to good education children must also enjoy this tender period of their life to the fullest. Instead, of putting the burden on a child, we are committed to providing them with an environment so that they may spread their wings & soar freely to their talent. We believe in implementing creative ideas for teaching which helps in the bring best out of the children. We provide ample play & green area so that in addition to mental capabilities a child can explore physical capabilities.


“Learning is Fun” ~ Is what we believe, hence children are taught in creative ways. Different activities like excursions, paintings etc, to impart practical knowledge to the kids. We focus not only on the academic development but in shaping the overall personality of a child with virtues of sharing, brotherhood & making them aware of the diversity of our culture & our nation. Our vision is to imbibe good values and positivity in the children which will help them shape into excellent and responsible individuals. With the confidence and individually they will unfurl their talent and make their due contribution to the society.


The school’s mission is to help students discover their talent & develop skills needed for success in future. Since parents are first teachers of the child, We assist them in improving their parenting skills for a better parenting experience. The teachers work in an empowering environment where they continuously expand their horizons and improve their knowledge, expertise, and skills required to transform themselves.